Loui’s Story

Louis, a young man and attendee of Future Men’s Amberley Youth Hub, previously struggled with his temper and ability to navigate positively through the youth club space. Thanks to the project, Louis was able to follow his passion for music, share his enthusiasm with his peers, and become a positive figure at the club.

The Situation

Louis is a young man who previously struggled with his temper, language, general conduct and his inability to navigate positively throughout the youth club space. Louis would often be seen by members of staff and peers of the youth project rapping and writing lyrics to channel some of his frustrations. After he had a brief episode with the police for shoplifting, staff reached out to support him and his cohort of friends.

Future Men Involvement

Future Men works with Defenders Entertainment at the Amberley Youth Hub in a collaborative effort to help develop creative arts in young people. Louis has been a regular attendee and often brings enthusiasm back from the project, encouraging his peers to follow their dreams and develop their autonomy. Louis even got the chance to meet an award-winning UK rap artist, who imparted invaluable tips on artistic development, which undoubtedly improved Louis’ confidence and networking skills.

At the youth hub, Louis also engages in catch ups with the staff, to discuss his thoughts on his development as well as giving his feedback on the sessions. Louis has told staff members that because he has been given the opportunity to nurture his dreams in the youth club space, he would like to take up music as a GCSE.


Since attending the Amberley Youth Hub, Louis has become both an inspirational figure to peers within the hub and a young champion: an in-house role which allows a young person to help facilitate sessions at the youth hub. In his feedback, Louis discusses that Future Men have believed in him and helped him to focus himself on his music and mentoring skills.

To this day, Louis is still a regular attendee of the Amberley Youth Hub and is now on the verge of releasing his first iTunes single and plans to start filming music videos for his singles.

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