Research reveals more than half of UK men feel pressure and anxiety due to societal expectations.

19th November 2022 – Future Men today released the results of its Future Men Survey 2023. The survey reveals that over half (52%) of men in the UK feel pressured by society’s expectations of them, and that 40% suffer from anxiety as a result.

Future Men’s YouGov poll reveals a crisis of masculinity as more than a third of young men feel unfairly treated and forgotten by society, with social media identified as a key source of negative behavioural role models.

  • 37% of young men feels society still expects them to “be the breadwinner”.
  • 49% of UK adults believe that ‘not being able to provide financially’ would cause a man to feel emasculated.
  • 51% of young men believe that society expects them to “man up” when faced with challenges.
  • A third (34%) of men under 35 feel that struggling with mental health makes them less masculine.
  • Over half (51%) felt that “crying in front of others” would make them feel ‘less masculine’.
  • 29% of UK men feel forgotten/left behind due to society’s expectations of them.

To read the full report, click here Future Men Survey 2022 Release.

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