Working With Men Rebrands as Future Men

London, UK, 3rd April 2019: Working With Men, a multi-award-winning specialist UK charity that supports boys and men along the path to becoming dynamic future men, has today announced a rebrand to become Future Men. 

“Our work continues to address some of the biggest societal issues facing young men today” commented Paul Campbell, Ventoring Team Leader at Future Men. “The rebrand is a culmination of the journey our charity has moved along in recent months, and the name ‘Future Men’ is reflective of our vision: to ensure a better future for every boy, every man and everyone.” 

The rebrand follows a visit from His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge to one of the charity’s Future Dads courses for new fathers in February 2019. During his visit, Prince William discussed the pressure young men in the UK face, corroborating the findings from the Future Men November 2018 Survey that saw CEO Christopher Muwanguzi debate Piers Morgan on the challenges toxic masculinity presents to society.  

The Future Men 2018 Survey sought to understand the UK public’s view on masculinity and what it means to be a man in the UK. Troublingly, the results highlighted that nearly three quarters of young men in Britain feel pressured by expectations from UK society which has a negative view of the word ‘masculine’. 

“Our charity continues to believe that men and boys do not have to conform to archaic stereotypes of masculinity,” continues Campbell. “By supporting men and boys during the transitional times in life, we help them become dynamic and healthy future men.”  

Founded in 1988 as Working With Men, Future Men will continue to support boys and men from childhood to 25+, encouraging them to explore, celebrate and build on the seven characteristics that contribute to positive masculinity: 

  1. Resilience: able to recover when things go wrong 
  2. Inclusiveness: open to include all different people 
  3. Reflectiveness: learning from things that happen to you 
  4. Resourcefulness: able to make the best of what you have 
  5. Curiosity: interested in the world around you 
  6. Empathy: caring for others 
  7. Non-violence: can solve problems without hurting others 

For further information, please contact the Future Men press office:   


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About Future Men 

Future Men is a multi-award-winning specialist charity that supports boys and men along the path to becoming dynamic future men. Founded in 1988 as Working With Men, the charity addresses stereotypes around masculinity and facilitates wider conversations on what it means to be a man. Future Men’s vision is for a better future for every boy, every man and everyone.

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