Our work in communities offers support to boys and young men through outreach and intervention, as well as youth hubs that offer a space for young people’s personal and social development.


Based on outreach and street work, the Ventoring approach primarily focuses on young men who are NEET (not in education, employment or training) or involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour. Delivered through one-to-one and group sessions, the Ventoring approach gives boys and men the opportunity and space to vent, to experience a teachable moment that leads to mentoring and coaching. The end goal? To increase opportunities for boys and men, empower them to seek a life with positive choices, and to inspire them to become dynamic future men.

Youth Hubs

Our Youth Hubs play a key part in helping young people’s personal and social development. Based in Westminster, The Amberley and Churchill Gardens, provide a space for young people aged 8-19 to take part in activities such as music production, sport and games, as well as development programmes such as healthy relationships, inclusion and diversity training. Bridging the gap between formal and non-formal education, we help young people learn about themselves, and others around them to create positive outcomes for their futures.