Future Men and Dynamic Groove go to St John Bosco College

What is this collection of random words!? What does this have to do with Future Men!? Good questions!

Supported by funding from the Wandsworth Grant Fund and hosted by St John Bosco College, Future Men collaborated with Dynamic Groove to engage students from year 7 and 8 through a dance show to then talk about well-being and masculinity. Using a personal story of resilience flowing from reflectiveness and resourcefulness, the model of the Five Ways to Well-being was used to translate the story and then resource the pupils to know where to seek support in school, in the local community and online.

Groups of 20 then engaged in a workshops around dance and masculinity. Throughout the dance workshop, the dance teacher, Alex ‘Mechanikool’ Peters, heightened the groups’ awareness of how they were applying the Five Ways to Well-being. In the group on masculinity, the groups were encouraged to define it, challenged to consider how it may have changed over generations and the various dynamics that go into the construction of it.

From an analysis of various data points, the following statements appear true:

  • Young people’s knowledge of the Five Ways to Well-being increased significantly from pre to post assembly
  • Young people’s knowledge of services in the Wandsworth increased significantly from pre to post assembly
  • The dance show played a significant role in the above outcomes for young people, potentially due to its engaging nature

To see a complete report on the outcomes realised, please click this link.

Oh yes, the word cloud! These are the comments made by pupils referring to the dance workshop.

What’s that!? You want to see a video presentation? Well of course!